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Friendica update not working on

Anyone that could help?
!Friendica Support

Upgrading Friendica not working

Hello !Friendica Support

Is there anyone can offer help to upgrade my Friendica instance? I have more than a month trying different options and couldn't run an stable version, every time I try something brokes, the last try Friendica didn't show any buttons and if I chose any option it sends me to an error page, whenever I return to the previous version it keeps failing and somehow it is fixed I think because the cache pages.

1) buttons bar do not appear
2) any selected option goes to an error page
3) login does not show and I need to go straight to the index.php to login
4) when I get back to previous version it show that new version is installed but is not

I am loosing faith on this
thanks for your comments

@Admin charlaMX hi, try to give some information to the people, you like them to help you. what is your OS, what are the versions of your software (php, database, linux, ....). What is your installation? zip, git docker and so on and so forth.

There is no something like telepathy or mindreading in the code yet. ;)
A better guide on Installs and Upgrades would be fine,
What about that?
Is there anything in the logfiles hinting an error @Admin charlaMX ?

You mention that you suspect it is a cache issue. Have you cleared the browser cache and removed the files from view/smarty/compiled?

Again the question: How did you do the update? Did you use git to fetch the code, or did you use archive files for the stable release? If you used git, have you updated the dependencies running composer?
@Admin charlaMX look, people want to help you. If you are not interested, pls don't waste our time.
Maybe for people like you is why people lost interest on Friendica, save your hate for yourself
Very important: You should never switch back the versions without restoring the database from a backup. The update mechanism is performing heavy database structure updates. Switching back could lead to serious issues.

From which version do you came?

And: How had you updated the system?

Please perform this command: bin/console dbstructure update. What is the system returning here?

Then have a look at your PHP log file for PHP warnings or notices. What is reported there?

And then have a look at your Friendica log file. There have a look at entries with "DB Error" in it. Are there entries?
Hey @Admin charlaMX how did you perfprm the update? Are you using git or the archive files? Also from which version did you update to which one?
I have decided not to maintain anymore this instance, I really appreciate your help, I think Friendica needs better guidelines on installs, maintenance and upgrades, I know you all do your best and maybe for free, but you must remember instance owners we do the same apart from paying to have servers running for free.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!
I don't understand the problem @Admin charlaMX, it is very well documented for a free program?

Above all, updating via git is a breeze, I think Friendica is one of the easiest installs I know, except for the package manager.

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